Mission and Values

Our Mission:

To make the lives of Chicago and Illinois business owners easier, not by merely meeting the highest standards in commercial cleaning services, but by exceeding and redefining those standards—continually keeping buildings spotless, safe and well maintained—all while respecting the client’s budget. We strive to make a great cleaning idea into a focused and well defined result. 

Our Values:

  • Treat people as we would like to be treated.
  • Take responsibility for our duties and actions.
  • Always acknowledge how our performance affects the client’s well-being.
  • Behave with honesty and integrity by only promising what we can deliver.
  • Under promise and always over deliver
  • Give more praise than criticism.
  • Always treat our employees fairly, so that they’ll have the motivation to serve and impress the client.

Did you know?

Employee morale includes the attitude and perception towards their job, environment, coworkers, supervisors and the company as a whole.  Positive morale is usually exhibited by confidence, being self-disciplined and a willingness to perform not just for monetary reasons.  There are no single factors that explain high or low morale, but rather a combination of related factors. How can we add a positive presence to your environment?

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