Detailed Services

At Complete Scrub Maintenance Inc, we are committed to environmental matters and are prepared to contribute to the maintenance/improvement of your work space.

Our services are tailored to office, public, private and recreational areas. We will apply our proven methods and techniques to increase the overall look of your space.

Technology of tomorrow
The technology and equipment that we use at Complete Scrub Maintenance is completely new to the market and has been developed in conjunction with our own range of cleaning products that further enhance the efficiency of our floor cleaning system.

Post Construction Clean up

 We offer these services to construction and maintenance companies, clean ups after renovation, new builds or revamps. Our highly skilled staff will clean the building internally and externally, from top to bottom, cleaning away all dust and debris, leaving the premises looking clean and "show ready" for you or your customer.

Carpet and Tile Care 

We've all seen the unsightly coffee and food stains on office carpet. Not to mention, the dirty grout lines and bad odor coming from the bathroom urinal tile. We can assess and remedy this issue to ensure a clean and safe environment.  

Did you know?

Carpeting is harder to keep clean than nonporous, hard-surface flooring, and cannot be reliably cleaned? Several studies have documented the presence of diverse microbial populations, primarily bacteria and fungi, in carpeting. Can your carpeting and/or tile be thoroughly cleaned?

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